We work in the Vesuvius area, an area dotted with small towns around the city of Naples, and which extends between the volcano and the sea.
In these small towns, the contemporary cultural and artistic offer is neither rich nor diversified as it can be in Naples, nonetheless they have in common a glorious past and they are rich in Heritage sites, history and memory. These particular circumstances have stimulated us to seek dialogue and confrontation with different cultural identities, that we want to offer to the large community of spectators that accompanies our festival every year.
Cultural exchange implies an exchange of thoughts, beliefs, ways of living, views on the world. And it is in this particular perspective, that we strongly wanted to build a section dedicated to contemporary dramas and novels of different nationalities, in order to weave our gaze on the real.


This year, now in its fourth edition, the festival offers two different performances devoted of international contemporary drama.
The first performance is devoted to Austrian and German dramaturgy, and is realized at Museo Nazionale Ferroviario di Pietrarsa (National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa) in collaboration and with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Rome, and with the participation of the Goethe- Institut of Naples and of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the ROMA TRE University.
Throughout a process made of conversations and meetings between the festival artistic direction and all the partners involved, the working table has selected three very interesting ‘voices of Europe’ not very well known or rather completely unpublished in Italy. They bring with them the breath of a different approach to reality and interpret the urgencies of the contemporary world through the disturbing and dreamlike lens of the surreal.

Eva Menasse, Alois Hotschnig and Kathrin Röggla will lead us to worlds populated by anthropomorphic and zoomorphic characters, dreams and bewilderments that give us back the fullness and extraordinary nature of our seemingly normal lives.
The Italian translation of the texts by Alois Hotschnig and Kathrin Röggla, was realized by students of the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the ROMA TRE University, with the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Sampaolo.
The second international performance is devoted to contemporary dramaturgy of Québec.Thanks to the Delegation of Québec in Rome, we met the playwright and theatre director Sébastien David, a very interesting voice of the Quebec theater universe, who welcomed the idea of allowing us to stage one of his most dreamlike and imaginative texts, “Une fille en or”. Unedited in Italy, translated in Italian by Luca Bondioli, it is a contemporary surreal tale that has its roots in ancient myth.


We are very proud to have the opportunity to experience the encounter with dramas and writings of different nationalities and we hope that this exchange will only grow over time.
Judith Schalanski, Laura Neumann, Theresia Walser, Thomas Köck, Robert Woelfl have been the protagonists of the past editions, and every year new voices, new authors, new female authors and new stories from afar will populate our festival of tales at sunset: Racconti per Ricominciare.

UNA RAGAZZA D’ORO | Torre del Greco

di Sébastien David regia Mario Gelardi drammaturgia Elvira Buonocore con Federica Aiello, Francesca Borriero, Gioia Miale, Francesca Muoio


testi Alois Hotschnig, Eva Menasse, Kathrin Röggla a cura di Nadia Baldi con Franca Abategiovanni, Gea Martire, Antonella Ippolito, Francesca Morgante