Our goals

A multi-venue event of itinerant site-specific theatre performances, set in the open spaces of magnificent historical sites of Campania’s cultural heritage.


The Festival takes place in the sites of the Cultural Heritage of Campania, therefore it works as a natural cultural attraction towards these assets. Tourism is basically channeled towards major attractions such as Pompeii or Herculaneum, while the unbelievable heritage of Ancient Bourbons remains outside the mainstream of international touring. The Festival aims to attract local tourism and national and international tourism toward many wonderful examples of Campania Heritage Sites.
Just to mention some of the festival locations, Villa Campolieto is a XVIII cent. building created by Luigi Vanvitelli; Villa delle Ginestre hosted the great poet Giacomo Leopardi; Villa Favorita was commanded by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon; Quisisana Royal Palace was commissioned by the Anjou dynasty and then enlarged by Charles III of Bourbon in 1765; the Royal Palace of Portici, on the slopes of Vesuvius, was commissioned by Charles of Bourbon and is surrounded by a forest that host a Botanical Garden of 7,400 square meters, the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa gathers more than 55 historical rolling stocks, located in the ancient Pavilions of the bourbon laboratories.
In the 2022, we performed for the first time in Rione Terra, the first inhabited nucleus of Pozzuoli, founded around 530 BC and developed during the Roman Empire from 194 BC. Today the ancient Roman city has come to light thanks to archaeological excavations and it is among the ancient streets and shops that the shows take place.
These are just some of the venues that have hosted the festival so far and we discover new places year after year.


Climate Change

The staging is mainly realized without electronic equipment and/or artificial lights, it aims to match the European challenges on environmental sustainability: each performance is immersed in the natural light of the sunset and the sound of the environment.
 Even the choice not to build stages or sets in order to not to disturb the architectural and natural landscape of the heritage site.

On our time, theatre and performing arts are invited to meet the Agenda 2030 goals and join the fight against climate change. RACCONTI PER RICOMINCIARE aims achieve this objective with a green theatre format. In addition we work with local artists who do not need to travel by train or by plane to join the Festival.