Focus on international contemporary dramaturgy

Since the second edition of the Racconti per Ricominciare festival, we have begun to reflect on the possibility of broadening the horizons of contemporary dramaturgy and novel to authors and identities of different origins and nationalities.

We work outside the big cities, where the contemporary cultural and artistic offer is rich and diversified. Nonetheless we work in an geographical aerea that has its roots in an ancient culture and is rich in Heritage, history and memory. These particular circumstances have stimulated us to seek dialogue and confrontation with different cultural identities, that we want to offer to the large community of spectators that accompanies our festival every year.

Cultural exchange is evidently an exchange of thoughts, beliefs, ways of living, views on the world. And it is in this particular perspective, that we strongly wanted to build a section dedicated to contemporary dramas and novels of different nationalities, in order toto weave our gaze on the real.

Thanks to the cooperation with leading cultural organizations and institutes, such as the Goethe-Institut Neapel, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Rome (Österreichischen Kulturforums Rom), the German Embassy, and now, the Québec Delegation in Rome, the “focus on contemporary international authors” has become a solid and growing section within the festival’s program strategy: Judith Schalanski, Laura Neumann, Theresia Walser, Thomas Köck, Robert Woelfl were the protagonists of the past editions, every year new authors and new stories come to populate our sunset tales theatre festival: Racconti per Ricominciare.